Workshop testimonials

Chris Torsani

Sales trainer, Coach
„I found the introduction to the workshop great and very much appreciated the practical excercises. Particularly the process with the agreements spoke to me. Klaus Frenzel and Sanya Stojmenovski are a great team.“

Christoph Truttmann

Manager ISKCON Zurich
„The workshops of Klaus Frenzel and Sanya Stojmenovski are a valuable contribution since they give efficient tools for mastering our communications, and improve our relationships in daily living. I had fun learning but also felt that the way of facilitation made it easy to comprehend the contents.“

Claudio Badertscher

Consultant Culture and Media – Guidle AG in Baar ZG
„The interactive workshop on transformative communication helped me to be more aware of my own destructive patterns in communication and at the same time, to apply productive communication styles, which I will integrate thankfully into my daily life. Klaus Frenzel presented the contents in an impressive manner and led the course dynamically.“

Anouschka Böhringer

commerc. employee
„I learned interesting principles of communication which I haven’t heard of before. Also I became more aware about my own behavior patterns. The facilitator was very empathic and competent.“

Akrura das

Life Coach
„I came to the point that I want to start applying reflective listening in my sessions. I liked the clear and useful answers to my questions.“

Wilhelm Lenherr

Primary school teacher
„Once more I realized how important it is to experience the theory practically. I felt what effects proper listening can have. Thank you.“

Martin Suckmann

„I found it to be an intelligible and varied introduction into this subject matter. I appreciated the personal exchange in dyads and the professional presentation of the contents. I could effectively deal with some of my own topics and are positively impressed by transformative communication.“

Marc Lüllmann

Vastu Architect
„I found the workshop was structured in an exciting way. I liked that we could apply the theory practically in various ways. I think many of the inputs I will apply instantly in my private life.“

Coaching testimonials

Philip Weeks

Naturopath – UK, Author of „Make yourself better“
„Sanya is one of the best personal development coaches I know.
She enables and helps to facilitate real change. Whether its supporting someone to reach their goals or enabling the breakthrough of blocks and limitations, Sanya is able to support someone in becoming all that they can be.“

Christoph Guenner

Marketing Manager / Entrepreneur – Berlin
„The coaching with Klaus was eye opening for me and helped me to recognize behavioral patterns from the past, to learn my lessons and to move on to realize new and greater goals. He is very present, cuts right to the chase of the matter, leads the coaching efficiently and follows up at the right places. Also the the highly effective practical exercises had been a good challenge for me and were very helpful. I highly recommend coaching with him.“

Kar Ling Ng

Business owner – UK
„Sanya is your coach to enable you to feel fully supported and cared for as she is right there with you willing you on to create the life you desire become your reality. She will help you gain clarity on what you truly want and assist you in working this out for yourself while at the same time giving you the much needed insight and direction that would be difficult to achieve on your own. While you will feel comfortable and fully open with her and free of judgement. She is also there to guide you to look at the real matters you may not have been willing to face or have not yet looked at within yourself. Ultimately we all have the tools and answers within ourselves, Sanya will be there to help you find and use them effectively so you can break free of any limitating self beliefs or belief systems that have been holding you back from achieving the life you want or have dreamed of.“

Mirella Werba

Educator and personal organizer for mothers – Netherlands
„I entered the coaching session with many questions about different subjects in my life. I faced a lot of confusion and unclarity. I left the session with great relief and clarity in my mind. I appreciated the calm way of listening and reflecting Klaus has. It helped me a lot to reconnect with my feelings and intuition. Although we had never met before, already in our first session, I felt confident and secure. I would say that Klaus is a trustworthy guide for unknown areas of the inner world.“

Will Ship

Teacher – UK
„When speaking to Sanya on Skype I felt that she allowed me as much space and time as I needed to express myself by listening patiently. I felt that she made a genuine effort to understand and relate to my situation. I felt free to direct the conversation where I wanted and there was no pressure or expectations from her. I also felt that she provided some useful insights and asked some questions that enabled and challenged me to be more deeply aware of my situation. She was able to be totally accepting and have a good sense of humour. I left our conversations feeling positive and quite relieved.“